• Florian von Wissel
Saguaro Transmitter
Format: 297 x 420 mm
Print: Archival Pigment Print
Copies: 10
printed in Germany
published in 2019

Saguaro Transmitter

  • Florian von Wissel

Like a symbol of time. Hidden transmitters, hidden monitors masked in innocence. Once the senses have been sharpened, you can discover these secretive elements positioned at many street corners. The spikes only painted on and from their woodpecker holes, unfurled monitors watch. A collage from 2019.

"The image plays with the contrast between natural beauty and human structures that merge with or displace the natural environment. The image could also be understood as a criticism of the manipulation of reality through photography, as it creates an illusion that could delude the observer. The image uses the potential of photography to change the perspective on reality and make a visual statement." Bing

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