• Stefanie Minzenmay
Language: English, German, Italian
Contributors: Freddy Langer, Stefanie Minzenmay
Design: Marian Fitz
Specifications: Hardcover, Layflat with gallery board
Format: 23 x 31,7 x 5,2 cm
Page count: 42 Pages
Print: 4/0-colour Euroscale digital print
Printer: Das Druckhaus GmbH
Bookbinding: Mergemeier GmbH
Copies: 20
printed in Germany
ISBN: 978-3-948059-03-3
published in 2023


  • Stefanie Minzenmay

After long and elaborate preparation, it is finally here: the photo book PROTECTED PRIVACY, a collector's edition by the photo artist Stefanie Minzenmay. The portrait series it contains, Protected Privacy, has attracted a great deal of international attention, receiving awards and being shown in numerous exhibitions, most recently in a solo exhibition at the Foto Forum in Bolzano.

The person and the portrait as incoherent sources of information and surface of reflection for the observer are the facets that fascinate Stefanie Minzenmay. Contrary to the free disclosure of information in social media, she suppresses, hides and conceals these in her works. Thus they transform into very precise, almost sober and sculptural-looking compositions of images.

The works presented are accompanied by a text from Freddy Langer.

Appropriately thematically, a very elaborate, handmade book binding has been chosen. The edition is limited to 20 copies.

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